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About the Moderator


Jim Martin is the creator and moderator of The Soundman's Bible blog site

About the moderator:

Jim Martin began his experience in the A/V world in the family business of coin-machines. His family has been operating coin-machines since 1914. His early childhood memories were climbing around in a warehouse full of historical devices that documented the advancements in electronics from early electro-mechanical pinball machines and jukeboxes to the introduction of solid-state components in pinball machines in 1978. He grew up in an interesting transition of audio from vinyl albums (78RPM) to the smaller 45RPM LP’s and in 1981 the Seeburg Corporation introduced the first CD Jukebox years before it’s time. Now most Jukeboxes are just computers that play MP3’s. Jim first began his adventure in the world of Pro-Audio by accident in 1987. He was trying to resurrect some old “Discotheque” speakers that were manufactured by Seeburg in the early 1970’s.

The components were 15” JBL drivers and segmented Altec Lansing horn drivers. He contacted Altec in Oaklahoma City and was surprised they were still in business after all of those years. This is where the journey began. He was interested in reconing the drivers himself and was referred to JBL in California to attend a school for reconing. Back then companies such as Altec, Electro-Voice, Crown, BSS, University, etc were still independent companies. In the early 90’s conglomerates started buying up A/V manufacturers and using the names as marketing tools. Harman and Mark IV were the pioneers in this systematic dismantling of great American companies. Jim then began a repair and reconing company that was a compliment to the coin machine business. In 1989 he was asked to design and install his first Church system for Gethsemane Temple in Indiana. The first system consisted of JBL Architectural Series boxes, Crown Macro-Tech amplifiers, and a real Soundcraft console before DOD got their hands on Soundcraft. Jim began attending ITT Tech later in 1989. Jim received his Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and Bachelors in Robotics Engineering by the end of 1992. In 1991 Jim entered the very closed A/V world of Cinema. Jim worked on projects with Malco Theatres and learned the arts as taught by Dolby and THX. Acoustics and Sound Reproduction does not get any stricter than THX requirements. Jim has worked with pioneers in the industry over the years and carries that knowledge into his designs for Houses of Worship today. Now, over 20 years after his encounter with a rogue Seeburg speaker, He is sharing his wealth of knowledge with younger generations. Jim is the author of “The Soundman’s Bible” a reference manual dedicated to the volunteer church A/V person. He is the Senior Consultant for Texas Systems Integration, GreenLite, and ADVID Network. Jim has dedicated to helping answer every day tech questions and talk about interesting gear head topics. The Soundman’s Bible website is supported by a wealth of experienced techs in every genre of the A/V space and is free to everyone.


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Tech Volunteer Resource Book

The Soundman's Bible

Soundmans-Bible-cover-hpThe Soundman’s Bible is a must have resource guide for every church A/V volunteer.

This guide outlines everything from connector types, microphone placement, mixing techniques,

speaker placement, to safe rigging practices. This is a simple to understand guide that is written for

the church volunteer. Every church sound booth should have this guide available for quick reference.

The Soundman’s Bible is a big book of really great technical information.

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