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About Soundman's Bible


Soundman's Bible is designed for all the "Joe the Plumbers" in the Church A/V world...

The Soundman’s Bible Blog Site is a compliment for the book “The Soundman’s Bible”. The book is a resource manual written for the church A/V volunteer. All of the basics are covered in this book from connector types to soldering techniques and resources to purchase parts. The author, Jim Martin, has applied his 20 plus years of experience designing and integrating A/V systems for houses of worship to develop a guide to help “Joe the Plumber” navigate the complexities of these systems. This blog site is an extension of the book. The site features real life product reviews. “If you are looking for glossy tri-fold product reviews this is not the place” Martin said. “We are not sponsored by advertisers that are peddling their wares. We give honest reviews of the products”. The blog site is a forum for all things tech related and folks can request a topic by emailing: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

In addition a little history is thrown in to educate techs on how the products we have today have evolved over the years.