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W-Bin Folded Horn


The W-Bin Folded Horn

In the 1970's JBL offered designs for subwoofer cabinets and allowed their dealers to manufacture enclosures of their choice. JBL was only interested in selling the drivers for these enclosures and they had to be loaded with JBL product. One of the most popular enclosures was the W-Bin which was a folded horn. According to sources the W-Bin was designed by D.B. Keele for JBL (See article "D.B. Keele") These enclosures were given the designation W-460 and W-151. They were typically loaded with the JBL K-151 18" drivers. However, almost any 18" driver will work except the 2245. W-Bins are better used as a low mid cabinet instead of a subwoofer. They are generally less extended in low frequency compared to  bass reflex sub boxes of similar size. The horn size is just too small to gain deep bass response.


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